How much will a consultation cost?

Nothing! A consultation regarding private hearing aids is free and will not cost anything.

How much do hearing aids cost?
The cost of hearing systems depends greatly on what is required for the individual and their needs and honest advice will be given to them at the time of the consultation, one hearing aid can cost anything between
£500 – £2000, Our quoted price will offer inclusive after care and no hidden costs.
Remaining days to register. Pls elaborate
The answer to the question
I want a small hearing aid, the size of a pea?

Small (in the canal) hearing systems are supplied here, but only if the patient has a hearing loss that will suit an “in the ear” product, an explanation on what is and what is not suitable will be given at the time of consultation.

How do I know if this investment is worth it!
All patients are entitled here to trial a hearing aid before they buy it! In fact we recommend it, a trial usually lasts for around 30 days, and there is only a charge made if the system is lost or damaged.
So these new digital hearing aids will cure my hearing loss!
No! A hearing aid is what it says! An aid to hearing and on a visit here a prospective client should be aware that hearing aids do not cure deafness, however when fitted correctly, and with the advent of sophisticated digital technology we can make significant hearing improvements.
What about after I purchase a hearing aid, what happens then?
After the successful fitting of a recommended hearing system, a care plan will be put into place to ensure absolute satisfaction with your hearing aids. Its recommended that the hearing is tested on a periodic basis to ensure that the hearing aid functions to its optimum level, the after care service supplied here is included in the price of the product, there is also a warranty package supplied with every hearing system. Ideally we like to see our clients every 6 months.


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