Help with your hearing


Since 2006 we have been supplying hearing aids within the Audiology Room.

The hearing aid industry is a fascinating market that changes regularly as trends in technology evolve.

As an independent supplier of hearing aids we deal with a number of manufacturers and stay in touch with changes to the industry.

There are many different types of hearing aids available, we know about every type!

A consultation for hearing aids is free of charge in the Audiology Room as we believe that’s the best way to start…

If together we decide that aiding is appropriate we will set up a plan, and offer a free no obligation trial so you can decide if you want the systems long term…. We like to work like this because this builds a solid foundation to work together in the future…

We don’t list prices on this website as the hearing aid industry offers so many choices, added to this is that everybody has different audiological needs and expectations, and we wish to treat every case individually.

What we can safely say is that we won’t be beaten on price within the area and offer an after care plan which we believe is unbeatable.

 Come in and have a chat! (It all begins with a hearing test)

Example Fittings:

“We do our best to make sure every fitting looks as discrete as possible”


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