3D Earmould Scanning

“At the Audiology Room we are at the cutting edge of hearing aid technology

When we prescribe “in the ear aids” we used to take a cast and send it to a supplier and ask them to make your hearing aid.

What we now do now is very new and innovative and puts us at the forefront of our profession

With our 3D Earmould scanner we can take detailed scans of the casts we make of your ears, this is very beneficial for bespoke, in the ear products.

This allows us to electronically send the scanned file to our network of manufacturers immediately, significantly reducing time in transit.

The scanning process is very exciting because it makes the technique so much more personal and precise.

We have found that investing in laser scanning our earmoulds allows us to educate our patients better on what we want to achieve for them and also improves our dialogue with the manufacturer as we can guide them into knowing what we want to achieve with the fitting and cosmetic finish of a bespoke hearing system.

3D Earmould scanning has revolutionised our practice” –

Nick Clive – Director

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