At the Audiology Room London we are qualified to the highest level to make sure you receive the very best advice on your hearing and suitable hearing systems which can help you.

But we also know through our own research that our patients feel more at ease when they have also seen an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist to explain more in depth medical reasons for their hearing impairment and ensuring that medically and surgically they have also received the best advice.

At the audiology room we offer a package that includes the following for £150

  • Hearing test and hearing aid advice (1hr)
  • Consultation with ENT consultant on same day (30 mins)
  • Microsuction wax removal if required
  • Video otoscopy
  • Medical advice to compliment your decision regarding hearing aids.

Please contact us on 02030753190 to organise this dual visit if you feel it will benefit you.

This offer is only available to patients who are coming in specifically investigating hearing aids and genuinely considering amplification through aiding



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