“Nick and his team at The Audiology Clinic are absolutely wonderful. They are extremely professional and the customer service is quite exceptional. Each time I have been to see Nick, the appointment has been made very quickly and I leave the clinic better than when I arrived.

He takes time with his patients and genuinely understands the challenges that those with hearing deficiencies sometimes face. He really cares about making sure that I am happy with the hearing aids, and the after sales service is remarkable. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

For all that technological advances have transformed performance while making the device effectively invisible, the personal touch is no less important for ensuring that it works perfectly JN2

so altogether a success, thank you for your patience in helping me to a decision through numerous visits, we tried various alternatives to find what was best for me. You were very careful to make sure that we had the right solution” TH

Having lost my hearing in both ears over night at the age of 20 I left with a tricky road to only a mild recovery. At this stage it was suggested that I needed hearing aids. Having shopped around it was not until I met with Nick Clive that I was put at ease. I was able to build a very close relationship with him from our first meeting and he willingly adhered to any questions that I had.

The Audiology Room are extremely good at tailoring to suit your needs. Having had casts done at various places, I can without doubt say that this was the one which was taken with the most experience and care and thus had the best result. When it came to choosing a hearing aid Nick was kind enough to explain in detail all the pros and cons of each and every type. Being young it was important for me to keep my image whilst improving my hearing and Nick helped in making the hearing aid as small as possible whilst ensuring that I would regain the best possible quality of hearing through the aid.

I am delighted with everything they have helped me with so far and we are constantly in touch if there is ever any tweaking needed or just a quick check up. I sincerely recommend Nick and The Audiology Room as they are supremely receptive to their patients needs

I feel so incredibly fortunate to be able to fly home and have such outstanding advice, care and support from you all. I can’t thank you enough and feel so reassured by Mr Wright’s prognosis – and my daughter had the bonus of a tutorial on the middle ear before her 4th year medical exams next week! Just amazing – SM

Had I known how effective and straightforward the procedure would have been, I would have come to you much sooner JN

I would like to thank you very much nick for the complete understanding you have shown my daughter regarding her new hearing aids (JDF)

The hearing aid was delivered at 9am this morning by special delivery.You must have “moved heaven and earth” to expedite this and I am really exceedingly grateful to you for this superb service and help.

Thank you so so much-I am pleased I am your patient! (TE)

Dear Nick
Just to let you know that I had a follow up consultation on the phone with my patient back in Australia today – he absolutely Loves his hearing aids and cannot believe the difference – he is so very grateful and so am I.
Best wishes
Dr. KJ

after about 2 weeks post fitting I realised being able to hear meant, that I was once again initiating conversations which I had not been able to since I would not hear the response, in effect I was rejoining society LG

as someone who had experiences an unsatisfactory service at the hands of a national hearing aid organisation, I was surprised and delighted by both the expertise and user friendly service of Nick Clive. Carefully conducted tests, accompanied by a clear explanation at all stages of the results and their implications, produced a proposed solution which has my full confidence and support. The hearing aids themselves are comfortable and unobtrusive: most important, they produced the desired outcome – much clearer hearing generally and particularly in crowded and noisy environments. I wear them everyday, almost without thinking.
I would have full confidence in recommending Nick Clive’s highly professional and friendly service to anyone with hearing difficulties DS

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